“They have reasonable pricing, are within reasonable distance and know what they are doing.”
Agne Pålsson, Välinge Innovation
Lundgren Machinery Ynglingavägen 62. 245 65 Hjärup. Phone +46 40 46 25 00. Fax +46 40 46 22 36. info@lundgrenmachinery.se


For customer IBS machines
Phone +46-40 46 25 47
Magnus Broberg

For contract costumer
Phone +46 40 46 25 45
Benny Backheim



Machines for smart production

Our machines are based on cutting edge technology and many years of experience. They are therefore very user-friendly, flexible and ergonomically correct. We specialise in getting the end of your production line to operate smoothly and without interruption using compact machines that provide maximum power. Their stainless steel finish, compact dimensions, symmetrical design and simple format conversions will take your production a step further. We can guarantee you will increase operational reliability and benefit from our machines for a long time to come.


Contact Magnus Broberg
magnus.broberg@lundgrenmachinery.se, phone +46 40 46 25 47

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